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UCR's WASC Steering Committee encourages you to comment on UCR's Draft Preparatory Review Report by December 5, 2007. To review the different parts of the report, click on Preparatory Review Report.

UCR Reaccreditation by WASC

The UCR campus has been accredited since 1956; reaccreditation occurs approximately every ten years. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), UCR's regional accrediting organization, has completely redesigned its reaccreditation process to focus on student learning and efforts at institutional improvement that are based on meaningful and comprehensive data and analyses. A key element of the WASC reaccreditation effort will be to establish explicit links between campus strategic planning efforts and student learning on the campus. This culture of evidence will assist the campus in establishing and improving the excellence of its programs, its students, and its research and learning environment.

David Fairris, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, is UCR's Accreditation Liaison Officer, the official representative of the campus to WASC. Robert Gill is serving as the campus' special consultant responsible for coordinating the reaccreditation process. Both can be reached via e-mail at WASC@ucr.edu or by telephone at 951-827-7750. Key information can be found in the web pages described below.

  • Accreditation Process provides an overview of the accreditation process and the timetable UCR will be following in its reaccreditation process.
  • Organizational Structure contains information on the Steering Committee and Subcommittee membership and responsibilities.
  • Proposal for Accreditation provides the contents of the Proposal for Accreditation that was approved by WASC on December 6, 2005.
  • Preparatory Review Report provides the draft of the Preparatory Review Report, the Institutional Portfolio, and the Appendix with the Institutional Response to the previous WASC review team and Commission concerns. General campus comments regarding the draft are invited until Wednesday, December 5, 2007.
  • Timeline for Reaccreditation provides a list of dates for report submission and scheduled site visits, as well as information about the developments in UCR's reaccreditation process.
  • WASC & UC Links provides electronic access to WASC, reaccreditation studies of the other UC campuses, and a copy of UCR's last Reaccreditation Report and the Commission's response.

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WASC Reaccreditation

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