WASC Reaccreditation

Proposal for Accreditation

As part of the WASC reaccreditation process, the campus is required to submit a Proposal for Accreditation which provides a plan for self-study to determine and report institutional capacity and educational effectiveness, in addition to identifying three special themes on which the campus focuses during the period of reaccreditation. The campus community, by way of website access and a campus wide summit, was involved in recommending the three special themes and finalizing the draft of the proposal text. The UCR Proposal for Accreditation was submitted to WASC on October 11, 2005 and the Commission approved the document on December 6, 2005.

Proposal for WASC Accreditation
(full text provided here, attachments are below in #8)

  1. Institutional Context
  2. Description of Outcomes
  3. Constituency Involvement
  4. Approach of Preparatory Review
  5. Approach for Educational Effectiveness Review
  6. Workplan and Milestones
  7. Effectiveness of Data Gathering and Analysis Systems
  8. Proposal Data Tables:
  9. Off-Campus and Distance Education Degree Programs
  10. Institutional Stipulations
  11. WASC Response to the Proposal

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WASC Reaccreditation

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